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See the link below.

This is a list of countries in 1939. It lists all of the sovereign states, dependent territories, puppet regimes, and unrecognized states that existed during that year, and gives a short description of their level of sovereignty. Which makes it way too long to be entered here.

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Q: How many countries were there in 1939?
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How many countries were there between 1939-1945?

There were 73 countries involved in World War II between 1939 and 1945.

How many countries made up of Latin America in 1939?


What problem helped many countries climb out of their depressions in 1939?


What problem helped many countries climb out of their depressions of 1939?


How many European countries had the Nazis occupied by 1940?

9 countries *Austria (1938) *Czech Republic (1938 and 1939); Slovakia became German satellite in 1939. *Poland (1939) *Denmark (1940) *Norway (1940) *Luxembourg (1940) *Netherlands (1940) *Belgium (1940) *France (1940) Plus the Channel Islands

What are two countries in Europe that Germany annexed between 1936 and 1939?

There are actually three countries between this time period:Austria (1938)Czechoslovakia (1938)Poland (1939)

What 2 countries signed a pact in 1939?

u.s.s.r. and Germany

Why it was named World War 2?

Because it involved so many countries in so many parts of the world. WW1 was 1914 to 1918. WW2 1939 to 1945

Which two countries forged the the Pact of Steel in 1939?

Germany and Italy

What critical factor lead to World War 2?

In September 1939, Germany and Slovakia invaded Poland. This lead to many countries declaring war.

What two countries in Europe did the US have conflicts with?

There are many, but two obvious ones are England in 1754 - 1781 and Germany in 1870 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945

Hitler violated the Munich agreement when he invaded in 1939?

When Hitler invaded Poland and other countries in 1939 and 1940 he violated the Munich Agreement.