How many explorers are there?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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we dont really know because there are thousands and thousands of explorers all around the world.... who knows someone might explore something right now

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Q: How many explorers are there?
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What do explorers explore?

there were many explorers and many of them ended up in north America.

How many pages does Subspace Explorers have?

Subspace Explorers has 278 pages.

How many pages does Explorers of the Infinite have?

Explorers of the Infinite has 353 pages.

Which explorers visited Mississippi and where did they come from?

the explorers that visited Mississippi were many people

How many pages does Explorers of the New Century have?

Explorers of the New Century has 192 pages.

What Countries sponsored explorers?

There are many countries which either have at some point sponsored or are currently sponsoring explorers. For example, USA currently sends explorers into space.

What attracted explorers to south America?

because there were many rumours of cites made out of gold so many explorers went to like for it, however it is not true

What descent were the explorers who traveled to America from?

America was discovered by many different explorers, most of them of Western European ethnicity.

Who was one of the most important European explorers?

Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortez, etc. (there were MANY impotant/famous explorers)

How many floors are in the nightmare in explorers of sky?


Who sailed in 1497?

Many nations were represented by the many explorers who sailed in 1497.

What was the new world according to explorers?

The New World is where explorers thought there were many riches. They wanted to also claim land for their own country.