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Fewer than 2 million people have immigrated to the Commonwealth of Australia.

The total overrall people who have been born here is currently at 20 million.

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Q: How many immigrants live in Australia?
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How many people live in German?

Approximately 700,001 Germans live in the country Australia

Italian immigration to Australia?

Australia needs Italian immigrants due to the lack of labor, particularly in the agricultural industry. The Australians came to respect the Italian migrants as they were hard workers and could cope with working in Australia's hot climate. They also came to realize the positive effect their arrival in Australia was doing for our economy. the majority of Italian migrants came to Australia after world war II. Living conditions in Italy were poor for most. Australia soon became a popular option for Italians as the US now had restrictions on allowing Italian immigrants into the country. These restrictions tightened till they allowed virtually no Italian immigrants into the country, in contrast to the 2 million that were allowed in before the war. As a result of this, many Italians were redirected to Australia. Only encouraged by the news of the high living conditions and mountains of opportunities available in this young country. Although many of these rumors were exaggerated, living conditions in Australia were undoubtedly better than those in Italy, and the majority of migrants did not regret their arrival in Australia. Most of who stayed in Australia and eventually acquired land. Italian migrants played a big part in the growth of Australia. They provided us with sorely need labor in the post war period and gained a new respect from the Australian public. This resulted in many migrants being naturalized, and continuing to build a future in Australia.

Why did the know-nothings gain power in the 1840s?

Many people feared the influence of immigrants on politics

How did Caroline chisholm contribute to Australia?

Caroline Chisholm came to Australia with her husband Archibald, and their two sons. Her husband was ill and they thought the Australian climate would be good for him. She has always helped those in need, and seeing the plight of women and young girls arriving in Australia, set out to help them find better conditions.

What is the largest minority group in Australia?

Asians followed by Italians then Greeks/lebonese.. Alot more Hispanics and sudanese immigrants lately though

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What country has the most immigrants in Australia?

Australia has the most immigrants ion the country of Australia.

How many illegal immigrants in australia?

The Australian Population is mainly filled with illegal immigrants. To calculate the non-illegal immigrants you must take into consideration the population of Aboriginals from the population of Australia.

How many illegal immigrants came to Australia in 2009?


How many illegal immigrants arrive in Australia?

how many Indian r illegal in Australia well there is 35% lol no joke

What is the total number of immigrants from China living in Australia?

Too many

How many immigrants live in Sydney?


Where were the Australian migrants from?

Australian migrants came from many differrent parts of the world. There were the British immigrants, the Chinese immigrants and the Greek/Italian immigrants. The British immigrants came to Australia for the growth of Australia's population growth and economy growth. But when Australia realised that they didn't have the numbers they wanted they opened it up to other European countries and Asian countries.

How many Vietnamese immigrants live in Ohio?


How many immigrants from Somalia live in Canada?


How many Guatemalan immigrants live in the US?

how many people live in America that are from Guatemala

Who emigrates to Australia?


Why don't people like to live in Australia?

The statement is false. People do like to live in Australia, which is rated very highly on the world "liveability" scale. Some people may find Australia's extremes of weather difficult to handle. Others may feel it is too remote from the rest of the world. But it is evident that many people like to, and want to, live in Australia, judging by the high numbers of immigrants that come to the country.