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There were 11 people: Tsar and his wife Alexandra, their son, Alexis, their 4 daughters: Tatiana, Olga, Anastasia, and Maria. Their doctor, Dr. Botkin and a servant that stayed with them in captivity. The day before, the communists executed Alexis bodyguard and constant companion by firing squad. Almost forgot, the family's cook also was shot and stabbed with the rest of the family.

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Someone is confused. Nicholas II, the last Tzar of Russia was not brutal by any stretch of the imagination. Nicholas II was an intellectual, and tried to drag Russia kicking and screaming into the 20th century against the rising forces of socialism and communism. He and his family were slaughtered seven Central European Communist soldiers and three Bolsheviks from the local area in the basement of Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. While there are dozens of different accounts, that given by Yakov Yurovsky, the chief executioner is perhaps the most accurate.

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Q: How many people did czar Nicholas II kill?
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In what revolution was the czar overthrown?

The Czar of Russia, Nicholas II, was overthrown in the Russian Revolution. Many believe he was killed in a house in Yekaterinburg.

When did workers march on Czar's royal palace?

Workers marched on Czar Nicholas II in January 1905. The day is now referred to as "Bloody Sunday" because the police killed so many people. Here is where I got my info:'s+once+powerful+Romanov...-a0130281342

What did Czar Nicholas II of Russia sign?

Czar Nicholas II signed the October Manifesto after the 1905 Russian Revolution. It promised many personal freedoms, but he soon reneged on all of them leading to his eventual overthrow in 1917.

Where did czar nicholas go to school?

He didn't go to a school. He was taught by many private tutors.

Why was Czar Nicholas II sentenced to die?

Many people thought that he didn't do such a good job at doing and was spending all his time with his family. He didn't really know what was happening in Russia Also, Nicholas was taking advice from a guy named Raspoutine and people thought that Nicholas couldn't make up any decision Lenin came back to Russia and promise to have peace with the German if he was in power. So all the people believe his story and killed all of Czar Nicholas family. After that the communism was born

What was one of the major reasons many Russian were so displeased with czar Nicholas?

Russia's involvement in World War I was draining the country's resources.

What did czar nicholas do?

Smarting from the embarrassment of the Russo-Sino War, the Czar took personal command of his troops during World War I. Unfortunately, this made it easy to blame him for any defeats. Though his army was large and well equipped, he was hobbled by an inadequate transportation system, Russia floundered terribly which resulted in a loss of morale and confidence in the Czar.

When did Czar Nicholas step down as Czar?

In 1917, Russia was still an Ally in WW 1 and was battling Germany on the eastern front of the war. The Russian army however was doing poorly against the German forces. The war was placing severe strains on the Russian people and on their economy. The nation was not happy with Czar Nicholas II.In March of 1917, to the surprise of many people, including the various leaders of revolutionary groups, a seemingly spontaneous uprising occurred in Petrograd. This popular uprising forced the Czar to step down from power. A democratically inclined provisional government was installed, however, the war continued. It was later in 1917, that the provisional government led by Alexander Kerensky, was overthrown by the Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin.

How many pages does The Czar's Madman have?

The Czar's Madman has 352 pages.

What were the policies of Czar Nicholas II that were unpopular among the people?

Tsar Nicholas II, was a despot. He repressed any persons or organizations that sought a democratic Russia. His continued actions in World War One led to many defeats and deaths as Russia was ill prepared to fight Germany. Food shortages, arrests and executions made him extremely unpopular and feared.

How many sons did the czar and czarina have?

Alexandra bore Nicholas four daughters and one son Alexei ( 1904) (1897), Grand Duchess Maria in (1899), and Grand Duchess Anastasia in (1901),

How many Czars in Clinton administration?

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