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Q: How many pledges to the US flag have been used?
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How many pledges to the US have been used?


When was the Olympic flag used?

The Olympic flag is used during the Olympics. The offical flag has been flown at every Olympic games sine the 1920 Antwerp games.

How the American flag might have been used?

to show patriotism

What ethnic group made or used France's flag?

The French flag was voted as the national flag under the French revolution. It has been used by all groups in France, regardless of their ethnicity.

Why is wampum so important to Iroquois?

Because they were used as money, ceremonial pledges and ornaments.

When was the current flag of Puerto Rico introduced?

The current flag of Puerto Rico was introduced in 1952, having been adopted by the commonwealth. However, the flag's basic design has been used as far back as 1868.

What national flag is oldest?

The flag of Denmark is considered the oldest continuously used national flag in the world. It has been in use since the 13th century.

You have been trying to find a picture of the Deguello Flag used at the Alamo?


How long has the french flag been used?

During the early middle ages.

Who made the first and original flag?

It is impossible to say who or where the first flag was made.Flags have been used for centuries to identify individuals and tribes and to be ornamental.

How many state flags were there in Arizona?

The current flag is the only Arizona Flag ever used and was created in 1910.

Why is a truce flag white?

A white flag has been used as a symbol of truce since the Han Dynasty A.D. The flag of truce is white because the color white symbolizes calm and peace.