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If you are asking how many prisoners passed through the gaol its about 50,000

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Construction on the Old Melbourne Gaol began in 1841.

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Q: How many prisoners were in old Melbourne gaol?
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Which bushranger was hanged in Old Melbourne Gaol in 1880?

Ned Kelly was the bushranger hanged in Melbourne Gaol in 1880.

How many hangings were in the old Melbourne gaol?

There were a total of 133 hangings that were carried out at the Old Melbourne Gaol in Victoria, Australia. The most famous of those hangings were the executions of Ned Kelly and Frederick Bailey Deeming.

Where was Ned Kelly jailed?

Old Melbourne Gaol

Who was the youngest prisoner in old Melbourne gaol?

The youngest prisoner in Old Melbourne Gaol was 3 years old, however, mothers had their bablies in the gaol and the babies could stay with them until they turned one. I couldn't give you a name though.

What famous outlaw is housed at the Old Melbourne Gaol?

There is no famous outlaw currently housed at Old Melbourne Gaol. However, notorious bushranger Ned Kelly was an inmate there in the 1880s.

When was the Old Melbourne Gaol officially open?

The current Old Melbourne Gaol officially opened on 1 January 1845. It was preceded by the first Melbourne Gaol which was built in Collins Street West in 1839-40. This first building was too small, necessitating a newer, larger complex.

Why was the old Melbourne gaol built?

Because they were bored so they made a jail.

How was Ned Kelly killed?

He was hanged for murder at Old Melbourne Gaol in November 1880

Facts on Ned Kelly?

he was only 25 years old when was hung in Melbourne gaol.

Who was the first woman prisoner in the Old Melbourne Gaol?

Her name was Roman Bar-giora

Where and when did Ned Kelly die?

ned kelly died on 11th November 1880 aged 25 and got hanged up at Old Melbourne Gaol.

Was Ned Kelly buried in the Melbourne jail?

Kelly was hung at the Melbourne Gaol (now called Old Melbourne Gaol) in Russell Street between Victoria & Latrobe Streets Melbourne. His death mask and the gallows can still be seen there.