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He had three sisters.

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Q: How many sister quaid-e- azam had?
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How many wife of quaide azam?


What was quaide azam's dream?

quaide azam want to a seperate land for the indian muslim

When was m a jinnah was titled quaide azam?


Quide-e-azam Muhammad ali jhena was born?

quaide-e-azam Muhammad ali jinnah was born 25dec 1857

Who is the sister of quaid-e-azam?

mariam and fatima jinnah

When did quaid e azam Muhammad ali jinnah born and died?

muhammad ali jinnah was born on 25 december ,1876 and died on 11sep,1948

What was quaid e azam sister name?

Rahmatbai, Shirinbai & Fatima jinnah

How many bar e azam in the world and his name?

bar e azam names

When did quaide azam start making pakistan?

actually Pakistan was made in a sense that a certain part from the sub continent was separated where Muslims lived in majority.But efforts for making Pakistan started after the "war of independence 1857". Pakistan was officially recognised as separate country on the world on 14th august 1947.

How many countries in Bar-e-azam Africa and bar-e-azam Asia?


How many daughters Quaid e azam have?

Miss dena jinnah is the only daughter of Quaid -E- Azam

How many ber-e-azam in the world?