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3 or 4 i allways forget

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Q: How many times was America discovered?
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Who sailed three times for england and once for the dutch and discovered the hudson bay in and canada and discovered the hudson river valley in America?

Henry Hudson.

How many times is the word America used in the song America?

Sixteen times

How many times have America won the ryder cup?

Many, many times.

Who discovered England for America?

Richard Hakluyt it was John Cabot

What descent were the explorers who traveled to America from?

America was discovered by many different explorers, most of them of Western European ethnicity.

What did Amerigo Vespucci discovered what?

Amerigo Vespucci discovered that Asia was not a part of America. America was named after him.

Why was there no trade between India and the other countries of Africa and America during the ancient times?

because africa were not discovered

How many times did George Whitefield preach to America?

he came to America to preach seven times 7 times

What was the importance of christopher Columbus exploration to European knowledge?

They discovered many plants such as tobacco, and traded many goods with the Native Americans. Also, America was discovered.

What type of jewelry was worn in the medieval times of America?

Hate to tell you this, but for America, the Middle Ages did not exist, but the time it was discovered and colonized the Middle Ages were long past.

Who really discovered America?

Your Mom, Discovered America

How is America invented?

America was "discovered" not invented.