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they wernt inventedyet!!! Duhhh!!!

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Q: How much did cell phones in the 1900s cost?
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How much did a cell phones cost in 1990?

About $325.00

How much do Chocolate cell phones cost?

The chocolate phone should now cost around 50$ and it does not cost to much. === ===

How much would cell phones cost in Las Vegas?

About $80

About how much do consumer cell phones cost?

Consumer cell phones cost from 20 dollars to upwards of 600 dollars it really depends on what you want in a phone and which company you use for your service.

How much did the first cellphone cost?

The first cell phone cost a whopping $3,995. very much unlike the cost of cell phones today. janecia-4-REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :-)

What is meant by cheap cell phones?

A cheap cell phone is a cell phone that doesn't cost very much...usually they are not as good as expensive cell phones, but sometimes they are, sometimes you get a good deal.

How much do games for cell phones cost?

usually they cost 5 or 10 bucks for every month you use them.

Which are better cell phones or house phones?

In my opinion CELL PHONES are so much better.

How much money does a cell phone cost?

Phones are available in all price ranges from free to $500.

How much did a sprint cell phone cost 50 years ago?

Nothing. Cell phones didn't exist 50 years ago.

How much did dynamite cost in the 1900s?

about $15

How much does a virgin mobile cell phone cost and what accessories are available for these phones?

Virgin Mobile has a variety of cell phones and accessories available for sale on their website: They have phones and accessories available for all needs and price points.