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if they wanted to,they would have a small wedding.Divorce-they would just leave each other.back then they couldn't walk into a building and come out divorced

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Q: How people marriage and divorce in ancient china?
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What are the aristocrats farmers merchants of ancient china?

they were the people that would be in the social classes of ancient china

How did ancient china's natural environment influence its civilization?

the environment of ancient china impacted on the food of the ancient chinese people.

How do people from Ancient China feel about education?

I'm sorry, but the people from Ancient China are currently deceased, so their feelings are unreportable.

What kind of clothing did Kings wear in ancient China?

the wealthy people in ancient china wore silk

How many people live in ancient china?

38765 million people lived in china

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they were chinese people, idiot!

What are the marriage customs in China?

The marriage customs in traditional China includes 'three letters and six etiquette' (三書六禮), but the marriage customs in modern China are more simplified and more people prefer Western marriage customs.

Which is better ancient China or ancient Greece?

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What tools did people have in ancient china?


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By talking

Who had an influence in the people in ancient china?

the emperor

Why was there ancient China?

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