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Africa had some really developed civilizations, kingdoms, and societies. The areas of trade which often had high population densities were exploited and dominated by Europeans once they realized that they could do so.

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Q: How was African life before the Europeans?
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What was life like for African's under European rules?

Life was generally stable and peaceful under the Europeans.

How was the way of life of many africans different after the arrival of europeans?

The biggest difference was ending slavery. Europeans seemed to be interested in slave trade but they caused it to end after their arrival in to the African way of life

How did European change the institution of slavery in Africa?

Slavery existed in African trade long before europeans arrived

What was like in America before the europeans arrived?

Life in America before Europeans arrived was described as pretty primitive. These natives relied only on nature and how they could use it.

What was the last North African nation conquered by the Europeans?

Tripoli was the last North African nation conquered by the Europeans.

Europeans better than African?

No, even though europeans are reacher than African doesn't mean they're better.

How was the way of life of African different after the arrival of Europeans?

The way of life of Africans changed after the arrival of Europeans due to the introduction of new goods, technologies, and crops. They were also subjected to forced labor through the Atlantic slave trade, which had devastating effects on African societies. Additionally, Europeans imposed their political systems and boundaries, leading to societal disruptions and conflicts.

Why do African Americans blame the Europeans for slavery but not Arabs?

Arabs did enslave africans long before the europeans, however the europeans did bring chattell slavery to north America, where it evolved and became the peculiar institution that later begat Jim crow....

Where were African slaves first brought to work?

The first African slaves used by Europeans were used by the Portuguese, on the island of Sao Tome, to grow sugarcane. The Spanish were the first to use African slaves in the Americas (in the Caribbean), and the first English colony to use African slaves was Jamestown, Virginia (which was the first English colony in the New World). However, long before Europeans used African slaves, the Africans had slaves who were African!

What was life before African Americans came?

so horrible

What idea did the most encourage Europeans to look for African colonies?

The slave trade was the reason most Europeans started to look for African colonies. Europeans made a lot of money from selling slaves.

What was it like when Europeans raided the African villages?

It was not the Europeans that raided the African villages, this was done by other Africans wanting to capture slaves to sell.