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Cervantes wrote a variety of different types of writing. He wrote novels, poems, and was a dramatist. In conclusion, Miguel de Cervantes had a extraordinary impact on the literary world.

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Q: How was cervantes important to the renaissance?
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Why is Cervantes important?

Cervantes is important because he wrote the novel Don Quixote, which is said to be a masterpiece in modern western literature.

What Renaissance scholar had most of his theories published posthumously out of fear of the Inquisition?

most likely Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

What is one thing. that Miguel de Cervantes and William shakespeare had in common with Dante?

they both (and Dante) were writers in the renaissance of the language writers.

What contributions did miguel cervantes do?

Miguel de Cervantes' novel Don Quixote (1605, 1615) was the most influential work of literature in the Spanish Golden. Literature was a big part of the Renaissance, and Cervantes' novel contributed to it.

Who were some of the important explores of the Renaissance?

Christopher Columbus was an important explorer during the Renaissance.

What explorers were important during the Renaissance?

Christopher Columbus was a very important explorer during the renaissance

What ability became important during the Renaissance?

Individual ability became important during the renaissance.

How was don Quixote related to the Renaissance?

"Don Quixote," written by Miguel de Cervantes, is considered a foundational novel of the Renaissance period. It reflects key Renaissance ideas such as the exploration of human nature, the questioning of authority, and the blending of fantasy and reality. The novel's themes and characters embody the spirit of the Renaissance by challenging traditional thought and celebrating individuality.

Why is Miguel De Cervantes important now?

because he wrote the book Don Quixote

What invetion was important to the renaissance period?

The invention that played an important part in the renaissance period was printing press.

Why is Miguel de Cervantes important in Man of la Mancha?

Miguel de Cervantes is important in "Man of La Mancha" because he is the author of the original story of Don Quixote, upon which the musical is based. The character of Cervantes himself is used to frame the story of Don Quixote within the musical, highlighting the power of storytelling and the resilience of the human spirit.

Why was the Medici family important to the development of the Renaissance?

patronage of Renaissance artists.