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wow that is a tough question. ill cover Russia for u

Russia: During 1550, Russia was ruled by Ivan the Terrible but these years was actually his good ruling times. He centralized and stabilized Russia after long rule of Mongol, and cleaned out corruption from Church officials also added great amount of land to Russia. hope others can do the rest.

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Q: How was countries doing politically and economically during the 1500-1600AD?
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What was life like politically and economically during feudal times?

It sucked

During the war of independence how were the loaylists effected?

they were effected politically economically and socially

What was meant by the term soviet satellite?

During the Cold War, a Soviet satellite referred to a country that was politically and militarily aligned with the Soviet Union. These countries were often controlled or heavily influenced by the Soviet government.

Why do the sitting presidents have to meet the queen of England when they become president?

They don't have to, however it's customary for heads of state to meet, especially if they are politically or economically close. As The Queen is the Head of State of 16 countries including the UK & Canada it makes perfect sense to meet at least once during a presidents term.

How did president Nicolae Ceaușescu respond to Romania's fight for inedpendence?

During Ceaușescu rule Romania was an independent country, politically and economically; now is only a modest colony of USA, UE, Israel.

What was the name for the barrier of secrecy and censorship isolating the Soviet Union and other countries within its sphere?

This barrier became known as the Iron Curtain. The term was coined by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during the Cold War. He used it to describe the division between Eastern and Western Europe, when the counties of Eastern Europe were isolated from the West politically, economically and socially.

What were British and French interests in the peace negotiations following World War 1?

During the peace negotiations: The French prime minister (Clemenceau) wanted to impose politics deliberately meant to cripple Germany militarily, politically, and economically. Britain wanted a relatively strong, economically viable Germany as a counterweight to French and Russian dominance in Continental Europe.

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The original intent was referring to countries that did not align with either major power bloc during the Cold War. - However, the meaning has now apparently evolved to refer to poorly developed, less industrialised and politically unsophisticated countries.

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The US and Soviet Union competed for global dominance and influence during the Cold War period. They competed economically, politically, and militarily, engaging in a race for technological supremacy, space exploration, and nuclear weapons superiority. Each side sought to spread their respective ideologies, capitalism and communism, and gain control over as many countries as possible.

How did Canada benefit from World War I?

World War 1 benefited in 3 major ways Socially, politically, and economically Socially - women weren't treated as badly. They were able to make their sandwiches without being as penalized. Politically - Canada could make some of their own decisions instead of being chained down like a gambling alcoholic. Economically - Canada was a beast country. There were many improvements to the economy.

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No one in the South gained influence during the Civil War; the Union victory left the South shattered economically, politically, and socially. However post-war, two groups known as the 'Carpetbaggers' and the 'Scalliwags" became very influential.

How did Greeks during this time period sustain themselves economically?

DHS :)