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the Chinese introduced it to the Arabs, who passed it on to Europeans.

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Q: How was paper introduced into Europe?
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How was paper introduced into medieval Europe?

The Chinese introduced it to the Arabs, who passed it on to Europeans.

What is a tasty treat introduced into Europe by cortez?

he introduced chocalate to europe.

What Does Marco Polo have to do with noodles?

Marco Polo introduced noodles, and many other items like coal and paper money into Europe from China.

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How did Marco Polo's discoveries affect us now a day?

For one, I think Marco Polo introduced the concept of paper money from China. They already had paper in Europe, but no one had thought to print money from it.

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Volleyball was introduced to Europe by U.S. troops in World War I, and national organizations were formed.

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Bounty paper towels were introduced in 1965 by the Procter & Gamble company. They were originally designed to be stronger and more absorbent than other paper towel brands on the market at the time.

Where was the EU introduced?

the beginning of Europe

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Cats have already been introduced to Europe.

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Crossbow was invented in ancient china and was introduced to Europe about 1226.

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