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It was rough and it was the time when the Muslims invaded Western Europe.

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Q: How was western Europe like during 600 AD?
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Which world region had experienced the most extensive urban decline By 600 CE?

Western Europe.

What was Europe like 600 years ago?

Europe was plan and did not have many food it was many conflict there also

What was it like 600 years ago in eroupe?

Cold and wet in Northern Europe; warmer and wet in Southern Europe.

When did the Carthaginians arrive in Western Europe?

The Carthaginians arrived in Western Europe during the Sicilian Wars (Greek-Punic Wars) from 600-265 BCE. Carthage had its eyes on Sicily, but the island was controlled by the Greeks and Sicels at the time. They waged war, but only gained 1/3 of the island. From here, they then spread to capture much of Western-Mediterranean Europe.

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How far north did Christianity spread in 600 AD?

In Western Europe, Christianity was present as far north as Scotland, but it didn't go beyond the Rhine in the east, which was the border between the Roman empire and Germanic tribes before it fell.

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