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The way Bantu families were organized was extended families

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Q: How were Bantu families organized?
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What did the Bantu expansion lead to?

the spread of Bantu languages throught Africa

What did the bantu tribe create?

The Bantu tribe is known for creating linguistic clusters. The Bantu peoples live in Africa, in primarily the Great Lakes and Southern Africa.

What were the bantu communities based on?

The Bantu communities were based on pastoral-ism. They also were based on subsistence. Bantu communities were usually settled in areas that were known as wealthy.

What is the bantu empire?

There are more than 60 million people who speak Bantu as their native language. They live primarily in the regions that straddle the equator and continue southward into southern Africa where it is believed they migrated to.[an error occurred while processing this directive] It is believed that the Bantu origins lie in Cameroon. In about 1000 BC a massive migration began (considered one of the largest in human history). This migration continued until around the 3rd or 4th century AD.Anthropologists have studied this phenomenon and believe there are several possibilities for its occurrence. It may have been due to a growing population in ancient times, which increased the need for more food. It was around this time that the banana, which is native to Asia, was introduced in southern Africa.Another important occurrence in the history of the Bantu is a split that created two major language families. They are known as the Eastern Bantu and the Western Bantu. The Eastern Bantu migrated to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and down into South Africa. The Western Bantu migrated into Angola, Namibia, and parts of Botswana.Currently the Bantu are known more as a language group than as a distinct ethnic group. Swahili is the most widely spoken Bantu language and is considered the lingua franca of around 50 million people living in the countries along the east coast of Africa.The ethnic groups that make up the Eastern Bantu include the Xhosa, Zulu, Kikuyu, and Shona peoples. The Western Bantu include the Herero and Tonga peoples.

What did the bantu accomplish?

the bantu people accomplished many things like finding land for us

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How were Bantu societies organized?

The villages were made up of extended families and were governed by a chief, council, or elders.

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What is the language of Bantu?

Bantu is not a single language but a group of over 500 closely related languages spoken in Africa. These languages belong to the Bantu language family, which is one of the largest language families on the continent.

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Is Bantu a kush or christian ruler?

There is not a ruler called Bantu. Bantu refers to the Bantu peoples; that id the over 400 peoples of Africa speak a Bantu language and the group of 250 mutually intelligible Bantu languages and 535 dialects.

Where do Bantu people live?

Bantu. they live in Bantu

What did the Bantu expansion lead to?

the spread of Bantu languages throught Africa

Did the Bantu originate from Ghana?

The Bantu did not originate from Ghana. It is believed that the Bantu originated from Congo which is in central Africa.