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Taizong gave land to farmers and brought peace and order to the countryside. Yangdi focused on building the great wall and the grand canal but took more money from farmers so they revolted.

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I dont know

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Q: How were Yangdi and Taizong different as rulers?
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How was wendi different from yangdi?

spelled different.

How are Wendi and Yangdi the same?

Unifying China is how the reigns of Wendi and Yangdi are similar and their political preferences is how they are different. An interesting fact is that Wendi and Yangdi had different political preferences because Wendi was a northern aristocrat and Yangdi didn't have any political preferences and considered him self a scholar-gentry

How were the reigns of Wendi and Yangdi similar and how they were different?

Wendi was different from yangdi (his son) because he won battle after battle. After Wendi died yangdi took the throne and sent out armies to conquer Koreans and wanted to expand china's territory. They are both similar because they both found dynasty. Wendi found the short lived Sui dynasty and yangdi found the tang dynasty.

How long did Yangdi rule for?

Ummmm...whos Yangdi? Was he like an Egyptian ruler or something? Yangdi was a Chinese Emperor who ruled from 604 to 617-618 C.E.

When did Empress Li - Taizong - die?

Empress Li - Taizong - died in 1004.

When was Empress Li - Taizong - born?

Empress Li - Taizong - was born in 960.

When did tang taizong rule?

Tang Taizong became emperor in 618. When his son plotted to kill Taizong he stepped down and became a "retired emperor".

When did Emperor Taizong of Tang die?

Emperor Taizong of Tang was born on 599-01-23.

Yangdi of the sui dynasty sent a army too destroy who?

Yangdi sent an army to destroy Korea. But he failed.

Did Emperor Yangdi build the Grand Canal?

yes the Yangdi built the Grand Canal and i was his most ambitious project

When did Emperor Taizong of Liao die?

Emperor Taizong of Liao died on 947-05-15.

When was Emperor Taizong of Liao born?

Emperor Taizong of Liao was born on 902-11-25.