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ensure that people around the world were protected from brutal treatment.

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Ensure people were treated fair and not abused

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Q: Human rights groups in the 20th century worked to?
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The orchard keeper's disregard for the health of the pickers outraged local human rights groups?

Callous describes the orchard keeper's disregard for the health of the pickers that outraged local human rights groups.

Why did a struggle for civil rights continue into the 20th century?

Because it was and is an unfinished search for human rights.

What was the international organization where Eleanor Roosevelt worked for global human rights?

The united nations

What has the author Joseph Wronka written?

Joseph Wronka has written: 'Human rights and social policy in the 21st century' -- subject(s): Constitutional law, History, Human rights, United Nations, United Nations. General Assembly 'Human Rights and Social Justice' -- subject(s): Human rights, Human services, Social justice

Why are punishments less violent in the 21st century?

Punishments are less violent in the 21st century due to evolving social norms, increased awareness of human rights, and a focus on rehabilitation rather than retribution. There is a greater emphasis on promoting justice, dignity, and respect for the rights of individuals within the criminal justice system.

What human rights are most often subject to violation in countries such as Afghanistan and Vietnam?

The human rights in Afghanistan and Vietnam are fairly similar to the American rights. The government has limited freedom of speech, there is no registration of religious groups required and woman and men have equal rights.

What five groups of Americans are working to protect human rights?

I don't know go have sex and think about it.

How are Islamic women treated?

They were treated in Islam with kindness, equality, and assured all her human rights. While Women in Europe got their human rights just last century, Islam since the 7th century assured women rights in free choice, property, having her own business and properties, education, and other rights. Refer to question below.

How did the Enlightenment influence how 18th century monarchs ruled?

They supported the new idea's of democracy and human rights.

How can citizens become more aware of human rights issues in their community?

research activities of special interest groups

What has been done for human rights since the end of world war 2?

Since the end of World War 2, human rights programs like the United Nations have been formed. These groups have worked toward helping bring third world nations to the same level of safety and comfort that is enjoyed by wealthier nations.

Who made the human rights?

If you live in the United States of America, human rights are clearly stated in the Constitution, as well as the amendments (part of the Constitution. However, the most common place to find human rights is in "The Bill of Rights". So, to answer your question (of who decides human rights) that would mostly be the legislature in this country. But those are only the cases that make it to the supreme court. Also, some human rights are specific to the state you live in. (Such as abortion, legalization of marijuana, licensing, human limitation, etc...,) Although most human rights are permanent and universally understood, there are groups of people called "Human Rights Activists" that fight for the legalization of abortion and things like that.