If your Sicilian are you black?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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They are a mixed race. Sicily was an independent country that had its own language and government that were mixed from Greek, Arabic, and northern African influences and it eventually got conquered by Italy. They are normally concidered caucasians and whites but in a sense they are their own race/color.

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Are you mentally challenged? Sicilians are Italians none the less but their darker complexion comes from the "Sicilian Sun", which is very similar to the Sun North Africans are exposed to. So, no they're not black they are the same color as other Italians.

Yes, Sicilians are much like other Italians but since Sicily was invaded and held by many other cultures many different bloodlines are in the Sicilian genome.

Romans, Greeks, Spanish, Normand, Austrian, French, etc. The Human Genome project found that a good many southern Sicilians are very closely related genetically with the Greeks but not all. You can find not only wonderful Greek ruins but Greek cities on the island of Sicily to this day.

I have never heard that Sicilians were related to or members of the African race.

Rather you find many Sicilians that are very light complected with either blond or red hair like the author of this answer and most of his family.

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Q: If your Sicilian are you black?
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