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eastern asia or africa is all i know

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Q: In 100000 bc where did people begin to migrate?
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How long have humans been migrating?

people begin migrate from Africa about (100,00) BC

Begin age Bc or AD?


What BC or AD did the Aztec empire begin?


Why did the Bantu-speaking people of Africa migrate southward and eastward between 500 BC and 1500 AD?

It was to find land for farming and grazing.

When did the Romans begin?

the Romans begin in 753 BC

Where and when did tourism in BC begin?

when did tourism begin in exmouth?

When did the Egyptian era end and begin?

31 bc or 322 bc

The Judeans were forced to migrate to the city of Babylon about BC?

605 BCE

When did rangitoto begin?

5 bc

When did the western Zhou dynasty begin and end?

1046 bc ~ 771 bc

In 2500 BC what ancient culture used their boats to migrate across the pacific?


How did the middle kingdom begin?

old kingdom2700 bc to 2200 bcmiddle kingdom2050 bc to 1750 bcnew kingdom1550 bc to 1050 bc