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Q: In 1776 what independent colony was formed by the three lower Pennsylvania counties?
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In 1776 three lower Pennsylvania counties formed the independent colony of?


First three counties formed in Pennsylvania?

The first three counties formed in Pennsylvania were Philadelphia County in 1682, Bucks County in 1682, and Chester County in 1682.

Three lower colonies formed what independent colony?


What happened to the six counties of Northern Ireland when the Republic of Ireland was formed?

They were still controlled by Britain while the rest of Ireland became independent.

Was the colony Delaware the 1 or 2 colony formed?

The colony of Delaware was the 2st colony formed!

Why The Virginia colony was formed was because?

The colony was formed to expand trade

Why was the Midddle colonies founded?

The middle colonies were formed to provide religious freedoms from the Church of England, or for certain groups, such as Maryland for Roman Catholics. Deleware was formed when three counties of Pennsylvania rebeled and demanded to be recognized as their own governing body.

From what counties was the county of Breathitt County Kentucky formed?

Clay, Perry and Estill Counties.

Why was Delaware established as a colony?

to continue to promote Christianity and to enrich themselves of the new land it was formed from Pennsylvania's lower counties to provide ocean access for pennslyvania.

Which southern state seceded but some of its counties didn't want it to and later formed another state?

The western counties of Virginia broke away, and formed West Virginia.

What state was Israel formed from?

Israel was formed out the British Mandate for Palestine, which was effectively a colony run by the British Empire. Before that it was part of several Ottoman governates. There was no independent state in the Palestine region since the Crusader States in the 1200s.

When and where were the Spanish colonies formed?

This colony was formed as a buffer from the Spanish.