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Poland (Jews)

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Q: In 1938 this country was Germany's first target?
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In 1938 what country was Germany and first target?

Austria then Czechoslovakia

Who was the first country to be added by Hitler?

Austria in 1938.

What country did Hitler occupy first?

The first country taken by Hitler's Germany was Austria, in March 1938.

What was the first country attacked by the Nazi power?

poland 1938

In 1938 who was Germany's first target?

In 1938, Germany sought to reunite Austria with itself. This was one of the pieces of land that was taken away during the Treaty of Versailles.

Which country was the first to hold the fifa world cup twice?

Italy, in 1934 and 1938.

Which country hosted the 1938 World Cup?

The country that hosted the 1938 World Cup was France.

Was the consequence of the munich conference in 1938 supported by which country?

Was the consequence of the munich conference in 1938 supported by which country?

Which conutry was the first to to win the two world cup?

Italy was the first country to successfully defend the world cup. They successfully defended in 1938 FIFA World Cup.

Which country won the first 3 world cup?

Uruguay in 1930, Italy in 1934 and Italy in 1938. If the question means which country is the first one to win the World Cup thrice, then the answer is Brazil.

Which country did Germany take over before the war began?

First, Austria on 12 March 1938 with the Anschluss. Next, Czechoslovakia between 1 October 1938 and 15 March 1939.

Germany 1938 what was it like leaving the country?

It was very difficult to find another country willing to accept refugees from Germany in 1938.