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thelilpussy does it

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Q: In 730 C.E what event that led to the disagreement?
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How long ago was 730 ce?

As of this writing, it's 2012 CE. You can subtract to find the answer.

What significant event happend to the Shinto religionaround 700 CE?


In 410 CE who destroyed Rome?

The Visigoths led by King Alaric.

What specific event in historians refer to as the fall of Rome?

The Gothic takeover of the Western Empire in 476 CE and the Turkish takeover of the Western Empire in 1453 CE.

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Is the battle for Constantine the same as the battle of the milivian bridge?

Constantine led the victorious side at the battle of the Milvian Bridge 312 CE.

Who was the roman officer responsible for the destruction of jerusalem and the temple in 70 CE?

Vespasian began the war which led to the Destruction, and Titus concluded it.

What country is the myth of Attila from?

Attila the Hun who led his people to the west and conquered major parts of Europe in the 4th AD/ CE century.

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Celentria goes by Ce Ce Smart, and Ce Ce.

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The Roman army commander, the Goth Odoacer deposed the Emperor Romulus and imposed Gothic rule in 476 CE.

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