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Yes, the aim was to link European Russia with the Far East.

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Q: In the 1890s russia began building the trans-siberian railroad to link Russia with siberia true or false?
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What is the Geography of the trans Siberian railroad?

The Trans-Siberian Railroad is a network of railways that spans across Russia, connecting Moscow to Vladivostok on the Pacific coast. It passes through diverse landscapes such as the Ural Mountains, Siberian Taiga forests, and the vast steppes of Mongolia. The route covers over 9,000 kilometers and crosses eight time zones.

Why think most Siberian towns and cities are located along the trans-Siberian railroad?

The reason why is that the trans Siberian railway is the only railroad and the only longstanding way to get across Russia. Putting a city far away from that link would make no sense, so they put them next to it so that they can easily get supplies and stuff. Also building roads in Siberia is very difficult because of the permafrost, so a railroad is more effective, though they do have a highway that crosses all of Russia including Siberia.

How did the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad open up Siberia for development?

It allows people to travel into the Asian part of Russia.

What part of Russia is the coldest winters in the world?


Does Russia control Siberia?

Yes, Russia controls Siberia.

Is siberia in the north of Africa?

No, Siberia is in Russia.

Is Siberia which is in Russia included in Europe?

All of Siberia is east of the Ural Mountains, the Russian Continental divide between Europe and Asia. All of Siberia is in Asia.

What is Siberia's national bird?

Siberia is part of Russia. Russia's national bird is the eagle.

Is Siberia part of Canada?

No. Siberia is part of Russia.

What asian country does the arctic circle pass though?

Siberia (part of Russia)

Is the central Siberian plateau in siberia?

Indeed. It is in Siberia, Russia.

Is the Ural River in Siberia?

No the Ural River is in Russia. It is not in Siberia.