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later Greek astronomers

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Q: In the late 1500s ptolemys observations were supplanted by those of...?
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Why was Nicolaus Copernicus' theory that the Earth orbits the sun so shocking to the people living in the 1500s?

Answer this question…His views went against traditional beliefs, including those of the Roman Catholic Church

How does Giovanni Schiaparelli discoveries affect us today?

From the Brera Observatory in Milan in the late 1800s, Schiaparelli mapped and named many of the major features of the Planet Mars -- and we still use those naming conventions today. He also mapped a network of what he called "canali" (or channels) on the surface of Red Planet. While later studies proved that these observations were the product of optical illusions, the mistranslation of his word as 'canals' into English lead to widespread speculation about the possibilty of extraterrestrial intelligent life. (So most late 19th and early 20th century tales of Martian invasions -- e.g., Wells' War of the Worlds -- owe a debt to Schiaparelli!) In addition, Schiaparelli contributed to the modern scientific understanding of the relationship between meteor showers and asteroids, and he made early observations regarding the orbits of binary stars and the orbital patterns of Mercury and Venus.

What is history if you do not study history?

"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'

Did the immigrants have anything to do with the World War I?

in those times immigrants were relative with world war 1...because they had to leave like an immigrant those....

Where were English colonies located?

there were alot but south africa, sri lanka, australia and india there are more but those are the big ones

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Is it true that in the late 1500s Ptolemy's observations were supplanted by those of later Greek astronomers?

Later polish astronomers

What did Brahe do in the late 1500s?

Tycho Brahe made major contributions to the field of astronomy with his observations of planetary motion and inventions of astronomical instruments to make those observations. The data he collected ultimately contributed to supporting the heliocentric theory of the solar system - which he didn't believe in. Further details and facts on Brahe can be found at the related link below.

What German and Swiss artist and printmaker working in a Northern Renaissance style regularly painted portraits especially those of royalty in the 1500s?

Hans Holbein the Younger regularly painted portraits, especially those of royalty, in the 1500s.

Are scientific models based on a set of observations true or false?

It is true that scientific models are based on a set of observations, along with a logical analysis of those observations.

What is an aggregate dataset?

Aggregate data is data combined from multiple measurements. When this happens, the grouped observations are summarized based on those observations.

When was malaria first discovered?

Hippocrates, a physician born in ancient Greece was the first to describe manifestations of the disease and relate them to the time of year and area where the patients lived when contracting the disease. However, the discovery of the protozoal cause of malaria wasn't discovered until 1889 by Alphonse Laveran.

Did anne Boleyn have make up in those days?

Yes, there was make up in the 1500s, although the application was a little different back then.

What do you write for observation for a childcare class?

When writing observations for a childcare class, focus on objective descriptions of the child's behaviors, interactions, and development. Include details about the child's social skills, emotional responses, and physical activities. Avoid making subjective interpretations or judgments, and instead provide specific, observable examples to support your observations.

Do you thinkThe telescopes in space are better than those on earth?

Yes. The atmosphere interferes for observations.

What has the author Charles Mansfield Clarke written?

Charles Mansfield Clarke has written: 'Observations on those diseases of females which are attended by discharges' -- subject(s): Diseases, Women 'Observations on those diseases of females which are attended by discharges' -- subject(s): Diseases, Women

What is selective observation?

Selective observation involves only making observations that are connected to the observer's current beliefs. This is a restrictive research method that does not allow for observations that fall outside those beliefs to be taken into consideration.

What were the differences between rich and poor in 1500s?

In the 1500s, the rich and the poor were very different from each other. For example, regarding executions, rich peoples' deaths would be performed by beheading (started in 1552). Where as the poor were tortured and hanged. Deaths of the poor were slow, but those of the rich were quick.