In timely manner

Updated: 4/28/2022
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When someone says they want something done in a timely manner, it usually means they want it done quickly. This statement is commonly used in the workplace.

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Q: In timely manner
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A sentence with the word timely?

He completed the assignment in a timely manner.

What is the meaning of timely matter?

Assuming that you mean, in timely manner as opposed to in timely matter, the former means to do something in a reasonable about of time. For example, you could write in a letter for the respondent to reply to you in a timely manner, because you hope that they will reply to you soon.

In what manner should employees be trained?

timely manner

Why should financial information must be shared in a timely manner?

why should financial information must be shared in a timely manner?

Should you use in or on a timely manner?


What does info not timely mean in unemployment?

It means that they were unable to obtain your information in a timely manner.

What does the term in timely manner mean?

It means to do something reasonably quickly, or when it should be done. This may be relative to what the task/request it's referring to. For example, a timely manner for a pizza delivery might be 30 minutes. A timely manner to return a book you have borrowed from a friend might be a month or 2.

What does the phrase timely matter means?

Doing something in a timely manner means within a suitable period. The phrase is not used as "timely matter."

What does promply mean?

promptly means in a timely manner

Is this correct to say Getting this done in a timely manner?

Yes, it is correct to say "Getting this done in a timely manner" if you want to express the need for something to be completed promptly.

Is this sentence gramatically correct thanks for resolveing this matter ina timely maNNER?

No, the sentence is not grammatically correct. Here is the corrected version: "Thank you for resolving this matter in a timely manner."

What is a hard task at the US postal service?

Delivering packages in a timely manner