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An edict was issued in Nantes on April 13, 1598, by King Henry IV that ordered tolerance of the Calvinists in France. They were granted substantial rights, in a nation which was vastly Catholic

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Q: In what city was a famous edict issued tolerating Calvanists in France?
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Why did King Henry the IV of France issue the Edict of Nance?

edict of NANTES. Henri IV was a protestant prince who turned Catholic in order to secure the throne of France. After that was done, he issued the edict, which gave religious freedom to Protestants.

Edict of Nantes and what did it provide?

Edict of NantesIt was issued in 1598, by king Henry IV Bourbon of France. It was the second document (after The January Edict of 1561) issued by a French sovereign to provide religious freedom in the country. It was a consequence of the long-lasting religious conflicts in France between Catholics and Huguenots (other name for Calvinists), situated mainly in Southern France. King Henry IV succeeded Henry III Valois and his infamous mother Catherine de Medici. Henry IV was one of the most prominent leaders of the Protestant opposition in France, but had to convert to Catholicism (for the second time in his life) in order to inherit the throne. The Edict of Nantes was one of the first things that he did as a king, and, basically, it allowed for the Protestants across the land to hold on to the cities that they had turned into their strongholds, while Catholics did the same, too. This was a compromise and angered many, Catholics because they could not get rid of the "heresy" among their lands, and Protestants because they could not succeed in reforming France once and for all.

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