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Asia, Africa, and south america. trust me it is right;)

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Q: In what regions of the world did European powers gain control by 1900?
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What were spheres of influence?

Areas of China controlled by Western powers for trade

What were the three dominant European powers before World War 1?

The European great powers were: * Britain * France * Germany * Russia * Austria-Hungary

How did European imperialism expand between 1800 to 1914?

European nations became extremely aggressive in the years between 1800 and 1914. They were able to take advantage of their economic and military powers to expand over the globe. The expansion saw Europeans occupy or control 38% of the world in 1800. By 1878, the figure rose to a staggering 67%. Finally by 1914, European expansionism rose to where 84 % of the world was either occupied or controlled by European powers.

What order did the European powers arrive in and explore the New World?


What European powers had colonies in the New World?

france and great britain.

What were the allied powers of World War 2 fighting for?

They were fighting against Nazi control of the European mainland as well as against Japanese influence within the Pacific theatres of war .

What was one result of the colonization Islamic world by European powers?

it is the perspective of a rebirth

How does Allah control the world?

by his magical powers and all is imagination

What caused European powers to give up their colonies after World War 2?

The European powers were devastated by WW II and it took years to rebuild their economies and infrastructure (with the help of the US). They were in no condition to control a colonial empire. In addition, the European colonies had also been affected by the war and no longer believed the mythology about the superiority and advantages of European culture and civilization, which had brough the world to such disaster. WW II was very educational, and the colonies were not about to just go back to the way things used to be.

What were the roles of the axis during World War 2?

The Axis powers (Germany and Italy) were the European powers that were fighting everyone else.

What European City was divided by four great powers after World War 2?


Who were the European powers in world war 2?

Russia, Britain, Germany, and I think the Netherlands