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It was in the Battle of Trafalgar during Napoleon wars.

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Q: In what war did lord nelson defeat napoleon?
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What war did Napoleon get defeated in?

His final defeat was at Waterloo which was the war of the Seventh Coalition.

Why were the guerrillas difficult for napoleon to fight in the peninsular war?

Because the guerrilla's were not an army Napoleon could defeat in open battle.

How did the defeat of Napoleon change the strategic balance in America in 1812?

Defeating Napoleon in 1814 did not have any retroactive effect on the war of 1812. The largest connection that the War of 1812 has with the Napoleonic wars is that it diverted British troops from the wars against Napoleon. This meant that Britain had fewer resources to use against Napoleon and so did not fight at it's fullest potential against Napoleon at that time.

What was the deciding factor in the successful defeat of the French by the English?

Are you talking about the Hundred Years' War, the French Indian War, the defeat of Napoleon or any one of the colonial wars in Africa or Asia? Please specify.

How do you defeat tyrant lord baal in epic war 4?

you have to use the sky dragon, the angel titan and the lord of fire.

How did Napoleon starting the Peninsular War contribute to his defeat?

The guerrilla warfare that resulted tied down vast numbers of his troops.

What were two reasons for the collapse of Napoleon's Empire?

The Peninsular war is what he blamed it on, but his Russian defeat also played a major role.

What battle near Leipzig saw Napoleon suffer a great defeat?

The Battle of the Nations which was one of Napoleon's major defeats. It was the largest European battle prior to World War One.

In 1815 why did Napoleon and Duke Wellington go to war?

The Seventh Coalition were in the process of gathering their Armies together to march on Paris. The Russian Army had not yet arrived and it was essential for Napoleon to defeat them one at a time before the force was combined and became unstoppable (When combined it would exceed 600,000 troops.) Napoleon had been named an outlaw by the Congress of Vienna and the Coalition was determined to end Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars. This they accomplished by Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.

British war policy at war in 1812?

During 1812-1813 the British took up a defensive strategy, however after Napoleon's defeat the British chose a more aggressive strategy.

Battle where Napoleon was defeated in the war of 1812?

Napoleon began his invasion of Russia on 23 June 1812, and his defeat began with his withdrawal from Moscow.

What force united countries in the 1800s?

The defeat of Napoleon the Third and the end of the Franco-Prussian War led to the unification of Germany, then known as the Second Reich, or the Second Empire.