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More military services and More financial services.

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Q: In what ways would a European king benefit from feudalism?
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What did Feudalism mean in Medieval European society?

Feudalism existed in Medieval European society. The King appointed a Lord to oversee a property. The Lord relied on commoners, or serfs, to work the land while he provided for them.

What are the limits of feudalism?

The limits of Feudalism is that it bound people to a certain class depending on who they were. This meant that there was never a chance that a peasant could become a knight or a king. They would always be locked into their social class.

Who invented feudalism?

king William

Who invented feudalism full name?

King William

Who was the king in England during the era of feudalism?


The Norman king who brought feudalism to England was?

William the conquerer

What is the central element of feudalism?

A castle and a king telling people what to do.

Which government theory would a 17th-century European king most likely support?

A 17th century European king would most likely support the divine right theory.

Use the term feudalism in an example sentence?

During the medieval period, feudalism was a system in which the king granted land to nobles in exchange for military service and loyalty.

Who is at the top of the feudal pyramid?

The King or as he was known in Ancient Egypt the Pharaoh

What is a system of rule by kings?

The system of rule by lords under a king was called feudalism. This was often a very corrupt form of government, as the lords were not really regulated by the king.

Why did the king need protection in Europe during feudalism?

In a hierarchical system, as feudalism was, the person at the top is the most likely to be the target of plots by people who want to take over.