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Since the establishment of the Russian State over a thousand years ago, there would be very few years when peaceful Russian citizens were not shot and killed for one reason or another.

Other than the various anti-Tsarist or pro-Bolshevik revolutions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Stalinist purges and WW2, one of the remaining significant notable events would be the mutiny by the sailors of the battleship Potemkin which gained popular support from the towns people of Odessa where the ship was in port.

The Tsarist soldiers were sent to put down the mutiny and supposedly opened fire on the supportive towns people, although it is claimed that the massacre did not happen.

There is a movie called "The Battleship Potemkin" made in 1925 by Sergei Eisenstein portraying the events surrounding the Potemkin mutiny which is lauded as the greatest Propaganda film ever made.

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Q: In what year the peaceful Russian citizens were shot and killed?
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