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Left Page, Bottom Left corner you will see a woman with a yellow purse. The key is on the purse.

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Q: In where's wally the wonder book where is the key in the puzzle corridors of time?
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He is by the huge crack on the stage

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send me nudes

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He's on the lefthand page near the bottom to the left of the two white shields with crosses on them.

Where is woof in where's wally wonder book corridors of time?

p. 7 and if thats not it then p.30 Try those and inbetween! Hope this doesnt help cause idk what that kind of question is so go togoogle.comDAGH!

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he's in the upper right corner just below the brazillian flag. have fun!

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On the left page you will a garden of red flowers. In the centre you will see two girls smelling a man in a blue shirts flower. it is directly between them.

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If you're looking for Woof in Once Upon A Page, he is in the upper right hand side. Above the large book "Wenda's Guide to Art" you will see a man wearing red, white, and blue top hat and next to him is a man wearing a grey top hat. Woof is between them. For all pages except the last, Woof is only visible by his tail.