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Q: In which country is newfound land located?
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How did newfound land get its name?

its called newfound land because it was a new found land

What is the population of Newfound land and Labrador?


What is the biggest and heaviest dog in the world?

NewFound land and the Masstieff

The original thirteen colonies were located near the?

East Coast of the newfound country of America. between present day Mexico and Canada

Who claimed the newfound land for queen elizabeth?

sir humphrey Gilbert

What is the city north east of Montreal?

Newfound land.

Who was Italian but sailed for the Europeans and reached a Newfound land which he thought was Asia?


Why did newfound land join the confederation?

i have no idea thought that this website would know

What was the impact of John Cabot exploring?

He Found the Newfound Land I dont think that that /\ answer is correct | |

Which country is the largest flat land located?

dont know

What country is the tallest land mountain located?

Mount Everest, the tallest land mountain in the world, is located in the country of Nepal.

What was John cabots impact of John cabots exploration?

He Found the Newfound Land I dont think that that /\ answer is correct | |