Is Anastasia Nikitina Real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yeah, There's a million of Anastasia Nikitinas

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Q: Is Anastasia Nikitina Real
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What has the author Alice Nikitina written?

Alice Nikitina has written: 'Nikitina'

Is Nastia Liukin's real name Anastasia?

Nastia's real name is Anastasia.

When was Tatyana Nikitina born?

Tatyana Nikitina was born in 1945.

When was Anna Nikitina born?

Anna Nikitina was born in 1987.

Did Anastasia's music box exist?

if anastasia was real it's most likely the box was also real

What has the author Galina Nikitina written?

Galina Nikitina has written: 'The state of Israel'

What has the author N Nikitina written?

N. Nikitina has written: 'A tour of the Estate with Lev Tolstoy'

What has the author Evdokiia Fedorovna Nikitina written?

Evdokiia Fedorovna Nikitina has written: 'Poeticheskoe iskusstvo Bloka'

What was the real Anastasia's hair color?


Who is the Anastasia in real life of Walt Disney?

Anastasia was not a Walt Disney film. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox

Is Angelina Jolie real?

no, anjelina jolies real name is anastasia Morgan

What is Anastasia Kassar real height?

She's 5'4