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Q: Is Bhoomi Patel Diya Patel's family member?
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Which cast Munaf Patel belong?

As the name indicates, Patels. There are Muslim Patels (converts from Hinduism) and Hindu Patels. Patel means a village chief.

What actors and actresses appeared in Meet the Patels - 2014?

The cast of Meet the Patels - 2014 includes: Ravi Patel as himself Meredith Philpott as herself

What language do Patel's speak?

Patels are a diverse group of people who speak various languages depending on their region and background. Common languages spoken by Patels include Gujarati, Hindi, and English.

Is Patel and Gupta the same caste?

Patels and Guptas are the merchant communities from Gujarat....but they are not related..Patels,although the forward castes in Gujarat,belong to the Shudra varna while Guptas belong to the higher Vaishya varna

What caste are Patel from?

Patels belong to the Upper caste Landlords of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Next after the Brahmins....they are actually the most dominant upper caste in Gujarat. That is the reason why other castes of Gujarat like Jats,Gurjars,Brahmins,Rajputs(Darbar),Lohana sometimes adopt this surname to mingle with the real upper caste Patels. In caste if a Patel is O.B.C or S.C, he is certainly not a real Patel but is misusing the Upper Caste status of The Patels.

What are Patels in A wife's story by Bharati Mukherjee?

In "A Wife's Story" by Bharati Mukherjee, the Patels are a traditional Indian family who play a significant role in the protagonist's life as she navigates the challenges of adapting to American culture while maintaining her own identity. They represent the protagonist's ties to her cultural heritage and the conflicts that arise from the clash between tradition and modernity.

Is Shivani Patel an idiot of life?

Shivani is not an idiot. She is the sweetest girl I have ever known. She is the best person in the whole wide world! My role model, my inspiration, she is the best. All the Shivani Patels in this world rock!

How many patels in the world?

The name Patel is the most common name in India (like 'Smith' in the U.S.). It would be impossible to estimate how many people in the world have Patel as a last name.

Is Patel a Brahmin surname?

Yes, Patel is a surname commonly used by people from the Gujarati community in India. While some Patels may belong to the Brahmin caste, the surname is not exclusively Brahmin and is also used by other castes and communities.

Who prepared that Perika's are traders.Perika's are Chandravamsha Kshatriyas .they belongs to The King Kartavirya Arjuna's family Why dont mention Rajus Warriors LandLords?

Before they were kings .Now they are Patels ,land lords and traders ...absolutely they belong to Kshatriya community . Means subcaste of Kshatriyas ......Even they are using verma,Patel and Raju with their names .Now a days they are like a reddys ,velamas in Andhrapradesh.

Is Dev Patel Muslim?

Dev Patel was born into a Hindu family. I may not know what his religious views are, but he is a Hindu by birth.

Where did the name mathya and leva caste from the patel name come from?

the patel name is short for patlikh - old Hindu tax collector for the ruler. Patlikh kept records of crops. Being able developers from generations dating back to ramayan era, this clan was known for their unsurpassed land development. They descended from Punjab after the Muslim persecution. Pat in sanskrit means land. The modern Gujarat is developed because of the Patels. Gujarat was barren land until the Patel clans arrived and developed to it's present day glory. India also owes immeasureable gratitude to leaders like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Veer Vithalbhai Patel.