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Yes they just took pics from the movie, put it in the chain letter, took the plot from the movie, put it in the chain letter

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Is Carmen winstead the ghost girl from the ring?

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Q: Is Carmen winstead the girl from the ring?
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Did anyone find the truth about Carmen winstead's death?

Carmen Winstead is the average teenege girl. no one killed her and no one was killed by her.

How do you repost Carmen winstead?

carmen winstead was pushed

What was the name of the girl that died in the sewer and killed people who did not believe her?

Carmen winstead

Did Carmen die in the sewer?

Carmen winstead was pushed into the sewer, she had broke her neck and the skin in the face of Carmen winstead was torn off. when the police found her she was dead. the answer is, yes Carmen winstead was dead.

Is Carmen winstead a criminal?

There is no evidence to suggest that Carmen Winstead is a criminal. The story of Carmen Winstead is considered an urban legend and has been debunked as a fictional tale.

Are Jessica Smith and Carmen Winstead the same person?

Yes they are the same person and are all a part of an urban legend.

Horror story name for 3 girls who kill one girl and that girl come back to kill them?

The Carmen Winstead Story

Is there a movie on Carmen winstead story?

yes the movie is from the movie the ring and if the movie is not true then the story is not true Movie on TopRater:

Was Carmen Winstead hot?

yes no maybe!

Are there pictures of Carmen Winstead?

Nobody is sure on what Carmen Winstead would have looked like. Since it is an urban legend, you can leave this to your imagination and decide for yourself.

How did Carmen winstead fall into the well?

The story of Carmen Winstead falling into a well is a hoax. There is no credible information or evidence to support the claim that Carmen Winstead fell into a well. It is important to be cautious about believing in urban legends or internet rumors without verifying their authenticity.

Was Jared Morgan murdered by Carmen Winstead?

There is no credible evidence to support the claim that Carmen Winstead murdered Jared Morgan. The story of Carmen Winstead circulated as an urban legend and is not based on real events. It is important to be cautious of false information or rumors on the internet.