Is Egypt a desert

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no it has the river nile in it

yes it is a desert so what if it has a river in it there can be water in the desert it's just how MUCH water is in the desert that counts

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Q: Is Egypt a desert
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What is the desert south of Egypt?

The Libyan desert runs from east of Egypt to south of Egypt. The Nubian desert also is south of Egypt.

Is Egypt in the desert?

yeah, Egypt is 97% desert :)

Is most of Egypt a desert?

most of egypt is a desert

What major desert is located in Egypt?

The major desert in Egypt is the Giza Desert.

What desert is closest to Egypt?

Is Egypt the second hottest desert?

Egypt is a country not a desert

How many people live in the Arabian Desert in Egypt?

The population of Egypt is estimated to be about 79 million.

What desert coveres Egypt?

The Sahara Desert covers nearly all of Egypt.

What part of this desert are found in both Libya and Egypt Egypt?

libyan desert

What is the name of a desert in east Egypt?

The Sinai Desert is in east Egypt.

Is part of Egypt a desert?

Most of Egypt is coveed by the Sahara Desert.

Is Egypt a desert country?

Yes, nearly all of Egypt is desert.