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In old English it would have been spelled Godgifu, or Godgyfu, but the pronunciation is essentially the same.

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Q: Is Godiva Lady Godiva's real name?
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Although Lady Godiva was a real person - she was the wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia around the years 1040 to 1070 - the story of her riding through the streets of Coventry to protest against her husband's taxes is a legend. It almost certainly never happened.

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Lady Godiva is the person you are thinking of. Lady Godiva is historically a real person; however, there is a legend where the noblewomen rides through Coventry, England in order to repeal her husband's oppressive taxation he had instated on the people. Lady Godiva saw many people suffering under this taxation and appealed to her husband numerous times for him to abolish it. At last resort, he said he would if she rode through the town naked. Lady Godiva ordered a proclamation that all of the people stay indoors that date and shutter their windows. However, one man named "Peeping Tom" looked through a hole in his shutter when Godiva passed on horseback clad only in her long hair. He was struck blind, and this is where the phrase "Peeping Tom" was coined.

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