Is Hutu a city

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No....The Hutu are a central African group of people from Rwanda and Burundi

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Q: Is Hutu a city
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Who was the minority the Tutsi or Hutu?

The minority dominator was the Tutsi and the Hutu was the population dominator until the genocide from the Hutu with the minority domination; Hutu.

Was Juvenal Habyarimana a Hutu or a Tutsi?


What were the jobs of the hutu?

one of the jobs of the Hutu were to kill the Tutsi

Who won the civil war between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes?

hutu power!

When was Hutu Ten Commandments created?

Hutu Ten Commandments was created in 1990.

How did the hutu dehumanize the tutsi?

The reason why is because the tutsi were not the kind of people the hutu's were. The hutu called them names such as cockroach's , dirt, and other racism words. The Hutu were the higher class and the Tutsis were the lower and more poor. So the Hutu thought the world would be better if there were no poor people or "dirtiness" so they killed them. I hope this worked. Also, you should watch the movie "Hotel Rwanda' it helps a lot.

What is Rwanda majority?


Who did Rwanda target?

The Rwandan genocide was carried out by the Hutu's. They targeted moderate Hutu leaders and the entire Tutsi population.

Who were the groups involved in the Rwanda?

The Hutu, Tutsi's, and Twa. The Hutu's were against the Tutsi's and tried to extinct that race/kind.

What is an example of nonmaleficence?

The Tutsi's in the Rwandan Genocide They didn't harm the Hutu's even though the Hutu's were killing their people

Are the Hutu and Tutsi still fighting in Rwanda?

Yes. hutu and tutsi gangs still fight in rwanda. #lovethepenis

What nickname did the Tutsi give the Hutu's?

They called them cockroaches.