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No, however Hong Kong is because it was taken over by the british at one point, making Hong Kong part of the commonwealth.

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Q: Is India part of the commonwealth?
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When was the first time India took part in the Commonwealth Games?

India participated in the second Commonwealth Games held in 1934. Rashid Anwar won the Bronze medal in Welterweight Wrestling, India's first ever Commonwealth Games medal

When did India stop being in the empire?

India became an independent republic in 1948. It remains a part of the British Commonwealth.

Which Asian nations participate in the Commonwealth Games besides India?

Another Asian country that takes part in the Commonwealth Games is Malaysia.

When was India cease being a part of the British Empire?

India gained its independence in 1947 but is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Why are certain countries such as Zimbabwe and India part of the british commonwealth?

All but two members of the Commonwealth of Nations were former British territories. That's the link. By the way, Zimbabwe is no longer in the Commonwealth.

When did India join the Commonwealth Games?

India joined the Commonwealth Games in 1934.

How many commonwealth games has India been to?

India has been to fourteen Commonwealth Games.

What is India's form of government?

India is a republic, although it remains a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, although not a Commonwealth Realm.

When did India become member of commonwealth games?

As far as I know it was always a part of them, because India was once part of the British Empire.

Should countries like India host Commonwealth Games?

India is part of the Commonwealth; a number of countries under British rule. All countries in the Commonwealth are entitled to host the Commonwealth Games. If by "should", you mean that it is seen as a rather poor country, you are wrong. India is a fairly big business capital, because lots of trade happens there. It is on par with, say, Thailand or Malaysia.

When did India host the commonwealth games?

India hosted the Commonwealth Games only once in 2010.

What nation hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

India hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games.