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Jimmy Angel is an American pilot. Jimmy is known for his plane crash on Devil's Mountain :(, which is now Angel Falls.

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Q: Is Jimmy Angel an American or Venezuelan pilot?
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Which is the largest waterfalls in world?

The worlds largest waterfall is the Angel Falls. I was found by Jimmie Angels. But recently, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez today called for the Angel Falls - the world's tallest waterfalls - to be renamed.He said the 3,000ft-high landmark should be should revert to its original indigenous name instead of commemorating the American pilot who spotted it in 1933.Mr Chavez, a fierce opponent of the U.S., said that thousands of Pemon Indians had seen the falls before Jimmy Angel ever 'discovered' them.The Pemon moniker, Kerepakupai-Meru , should be the new name, he said.This means the new name of Angel Falls is Kerepakupai-Meru

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The short answer is yes. My brother served in both the Air Force, then trained as a naval pilot and became a Blue Angel. He was in the military for about 18 years (including a two year stint with Blue Angels) and now he is a commercial pilot for a major airline.

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When was Angel Falls discovered?

Angel falls was discovered in 1933 by a pilot flying over Guyana highlands in search for gold.

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Local name of Angel Falls?

The Angel Falls got its name after the American pilot, Jimmie Angel. He discovered the falls after flying over them in 1935. In 1937, Jimmie angel returned and landed on top of the falls, on 'The Devil's Mountain.' the ground was swampy, and he was unable to takeoff. Being stuck at the top of the waterfall, he hiked down for 11 days before finding civilization.