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Q: Is a rubber tire is one single molecule?
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Why is a rubber tire has a one large molecule?

Because it is a polymer, which is a series of monomers linked together in a structural pattern to form one molecule.

It takes how many barrels of crude oil to produce the rubber for one car tire?

It takes one barrel of oil to make a single tire

What is the noun form for tire?

The noun form of the adjective "tire" is "tiredness." If, however, one is looking for the noun form of "tire," as in a rubber wheel, one needn't look any further.

How many DNA molecule in a chromatid?

Each chromosome is originally made of one DNA molecule.

Which one would compress more a solid rubber bicycle or a inflated mountain bike tire?

A "solid rubber bicycle" wouldn't be particularly useful, so I assume that you actually mean a comparison between a solid and an inflated bicycle tire. Answer: It depends. An inflated tire of a very high pressure will compress less than a solid tyre made out of soft rubber. OTOH a hard rubber solid tyre will compress less than a low-pressure inflatable tyre.

What is the advantage of Pneumatic tires?

One answer is that the tire is made from reinforced rubber, which is very friendly to the environment.

How many atoms are present in a single molecule C8H10N4O2?

The subscripts in a chemical formula representing a single molecule, are the numbers of atoms of each atom in one molecule (remember no subscript is understood to be 1. So add the subscripts to get the total number of atoms in one molecule of a substance. 8+10+4+2=24 atoms in a single molecule of C8H10N4O2.

What is a single water molecule?

One single water molecule is....two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom with molecular weight 18.016. You will never see one molecule of water as that is too small to view without special equipment.

Then the two single strands of?

There are two single strands which are found in the DNA molecule. Each of strand will act as the template for the next one in the double helix molecule.

How does one stop the spare tire that is on the inside of a Chevy blazer from squeeking?

The tire will squeek because the tire rubs againist the rubber coated mounting bar. Place a thick/heavy sponge between the tire and mounting bar.

What is the most profitable American based tire company?

To name one of the most profitable American based tire companies there is Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, with headquarters in Akron, Ohio in the United States.

What is a lipid molecule that has only single bonds between its carbon atoms?

There is NO 'one single bond' organic molecule possible.The simplest 'single bond' organic molecule is methane (CH4) with 4 (not one) single bonds (between central C and 4 H atoms).The only possible 'one double bond' organic molecule is carbon monoxide (C=O)