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Q: Is history and background the same thing?
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What is the word for when something stays the same in history?

When some thing stays the same in history it is still the same it doe not change.

background history ?

What is your background in silver?

The history of the mp3 player?

it was the same thing as the ipod

Why did get a new background?

I'm guessing they wanted something new to be the background instead of the same old thing everyday, you know the same things over and over again get boring.

What is one paragraph that answer how Francisco Pizarro impacted history?

Heh, i have the same question for my 8th grade history.... looking for same thing.....

What is a historical background?

a historical background is a background of the history in what u r looking for

What is Slovenia's world cup jersey color?

White background with green mountains on the front for home the same thing for away except the background is green and mountains yellow.

Are criminal background checks the same as finger print background checks?

No, criminal background checks and fingerprint background checks are not the same. Criminal background checks use a person's name and personal information to search for criminal records, while fingerprint background checks involve comparing a person's fingerprints against law enforcement databases to check for criminal history. Fingerprint background checks are considered more accurate and comprehensive.

What is a historical?

a historical background is a background of the history in what u r looking for

Why does your vison blur in and out?

because you try to focus on an object either in the foreground, middleground, or background. Same thing with a camera. So, if you focus on something in the foreground, the background will be blurry, and vise versa.

What did the word history mean to shakespeare?

It meant the same thing to him as it does to you and me. It also meant plays about English history, which were called "history plays" or just "histories".

What is the difference between background and history?

History is anything that happened to an object over time, background is things that influenced an object in the past