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Yes, Pupils might get ideas from bad people whom they study in history lessons.

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Q: Is it Dangerous to Teach History to School Students?
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What is the history of co curricular activities?

Co-curricular activities first began to form in the 19th century. Practical and vocational activities became necessary to teach students new skills.

When will you learn about World War II in British history?

In British history, World War II is typically taught in secondary school history curriculum. The timing of when students learn about it may vary, but it is commonly covered between the ages of 11 and 14.

Why do you only learn about European history in school?

You don't. You might. It all depends on what country you live in while going to school. If you are borrn and raised in China, you learn about Chinese history first. Only at more advanced school levels would you learn about any European history. United States schools sometimes teach some European history because some events in Europe had a major impace on life in the U.S.

If the past teach the present a the father cant teach the son the history need not have bot hered to go on and the world has wasted a great deal of time.?

If the past teach the present a the father cant teach the son the history need not have bot hered to go on and the world has wasted a great deal of time.?

Why is women's history often overlooked in history books?

This is another facet of the civil rights movement. We are still trying to establish our place in the world and be taken seriously. I do use whatever resources I can to teach my students of women who made a major impact on society but it will take all teachers to share the information before women will become more recognized. Could it be that history books, as a generalisation, are written by men ?

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What are the four main classes the teach students in school?

It would be Math, English, Science and World history

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What is the difference between a lunch box and a school?

You Can Teach Students In School And Not In A Lunch Box ?

What did Rick Riordan study?

Rick Riordan studied English and history in college. He later went on to teach English and history to middle school students before becoming a full-time author.

Why do schools teach history?

because students can learn about past people life style

Is American history taught to your students in school today?

In the United States, 100% of public schools teach US History. There may be some private religious schools that do not. On a world wide basis, US History, is most likely part of world history studies.

How does school sports teach discipline to students?

I think school sports teach students discipline by being able to keep up with their grades and do better from the moment they're on the team. It teaches them how to manage their time and organize their life.

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Why is it that elementary school doesn't teach about any war America has fought in all they teach is dates?

Students don't learn in depth about and of the wars until middle school and high school.

What can you do with a BA in History other than teach high school?

Go on to law school

How a teacher uses algebra in school?

they use it to teach students a different source of learning

What happens if you dont teach history in school?

if you don't teach history you will be taken away by hungry gorillas to their leader and they make you dance for all eternity.