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It was true; the Spanish had weapons such as metal pikes, black powder firearms, and even horses.

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Q: Is it true The Spanish had weapons the Aztecs had never seen before?
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Did the Spanish have weapons the Aztecs had never seen before?

yeah guns

Did The Spanish have weapons the Aztecs had never seen before including steel swords and cannons which made it hard for the Aztecs to defeat Cortés and his men?


What did the spanish have that the Aztecs didn't?

The Spanish had horses, which the Aztecs had never seen before. The Spanish also had guns, cannons, iron, steel, and weapons made of these metals The Aztecs didn't have anything near the sort, and while still being fierce and great warriors, they couldn't withstand an attack with all these advanced weapons

The Spanish had better than the Aztecs and Incas?

The Spanish had superior weaponry such as guns, cannons, and steel swords compared to the Aztecs and Incas who primarily used obsidian weapons. The Spanish also had horses, which the indigenous peoples had never encountered before, giving them a military advantage. Additionally, the Spanish had the assistance of indigenous allies who were enemies of the Aztec and Inca Empires.

Is it true the Spanish were unable to overpower the Aztecs and the Incas with their superior weaponry?

Yes, the Spanish had weapons that the Aztects and Incas had never seen before therefore resulting in the primary factor of the two civilizations simply not being prepared with the right weapons hence the Spanish had better weapons. The Spanish easily overpowered the two in that subject.

What disease did many Aztecs die from?

Most of the Aztecs died from a disease they had never seen before, which was SmallPox. When the Spanish conquestadors came over to conquer the Aztecs, they brought over this deadly diseas that ultimately wiped out the Aztecs.

How were the Aztecs so easily defeated by the small group of Spanish Invaders?

The Aztecs weren't as advanced as the conquistadors. The Aztecs had cotton shields and used clubs studded with sharp obsidian rock. Meanwhile, the Spanish had horses the Aztecs had never even seen a horse before in their lives. The Spanish also had gunpowder and metal armor and their guns could easily take out an Aztec jaguar warrior. The Aztecs were also destroyed by the new diseases that where brought over by the Spanish conquistadors. The Aztecs had almost no allies because the other tribes joined the Spanish in taking out the Aztecs.

What did the spanish bring with them that the Aztecs had never known?

Horses and Smallpox.

What year did the Mongols conquer the Aztecs?

The Mongols never went to South America. It was the Spanish that conquered the Aztecs.

What killed more Aztecs than spanish weapons?

Many Aztec people were actually killed by the diseases that the European men brought over with them. Because the Aztecs had never been exposed to European diseases, they had no immunity to them. Many of the Aztecs contracted diseases like Smallpox from the European soldiers and died from illness as opposed to actually casualties of war.

What year did the Incas take over the Aztecs?

The Incas never took over the Aztecs. Both were destroyed by the Spanish Conquistadors in the early 16th century.

Spaniards rode an animal that the Aztecs and Incas never seen before?