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Generally speaking. No. The History Channel is a secondary source as they host guest speakers and experts who do the actual research. Usually a primary source is one who publishes the findings of research in a peer reviewed journal or publishes a statement in regards to non-scientific information.


Published, peer reviewed research is also secondary ...

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Q: Is the history channel a primary source?
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What is the primary source of history?

A primary source is an eyewitness account to an event.

What are the six sources of history?

Historical sources are classified as primary and secondary source. The primary source refers to the written or developed document or object during the study and the secondary source refers to the analogy or interpretation of the primary source.

Who is a primary source?

With regard to history, a primary source would be considered as such if they were eye witnesses to an event, such as the Siege of Jereusalem.

What is meant by hand made of history?

its a primary source and second hand is a secondary source.

Define Primary Source in Geography-history?

a beginning of a river

What is meant by the nature of a source in history?

If the source is primary or secondary and what type of source it is (i.e. video, photograph, etc.)

In history terms what does primary mean?

Usually refers to a primary source such as a journal, photograph, letter, etc.

Is a manuscript a primary source?

A primary sourceIn the study of history as an academic discipline, a primary source (also called an original source) is an artifact, document, diary, manuscript, autobiography, recording, or any other source of information that was created at the time under study.

Is a statue a primary source?

The statue was created in the time Octavian Augustus was emperor. A primary source is direct evidence from people who lived in that time period. In this case the direct evidence is a statue and it is the history of a person. The statue is direct evidence so it is a primary source.

Secondary sources of history?

a source that is from someone that was not a the place

What is the primary reason Siberian tiger is now endangered?

Poaching and loss of habitat, as per The History Channel.

Why is The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania an example of a Primary Source?

It contains information about the history of Pennsylvania