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It was mainly aimed at the nobles, who were known as Boyars.
The nobles

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The Noble's

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Q: Ivan the terribles cruelty was aimed mainly at?
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Who was Ivan the Terrible's cruelty was aimed mainly at?


What was Ivan the terribles job?

He was King of Russia

What was the last name of Ivan the Terribles wife?


What was the name of Ivan the Terribles son?

Fyodor, and Ivan. Fyodor is the youngest of the two... Ivan is the eldest who got killed by his father on accident...

How did Ivan the terribles dad treat him?

he beat him every day and left him out of his way.

Who designed the St basil cathedral?

Russian Architechs but it was ivan the terribles idea

Who was in Ivan the terribles family?

it was grand prince vasili of moscow his father elena glinskaga his mother

When is Ivan the terribles birthday?

Born: August 25th 1530 Died: March 28th 1584

Who was Ivan the terribles parents?

His father was Grand Prince Vasili III of Moscow his mother was Elena Glinskaya

What is Ivan the terribles goals for Russia?

The goals of Ivan the terrible are he became the absolute ruler of a unified and greatly expanded Russian empire, with Moscow as its center. He also plans for westward expansion into Lithuania and Battle Region.

Did Ivan the third help westernize russia?

Yes but mainly to the left of Moscow as you look on a map

Why was Ivan the Great so important?

Ivan the Great (Ivan III) was so "great" mainly because he ended the Mongol rule in Russia by refusing to pay tribute. He did many other "great" things, but this was by far the most important. I'd be happy to answer some more specific questions if you want. Hope this helps! ♥♥♥, pinkcheerleader8