John Milton disability

Updated: 4/28/2022
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John Milton was not known to have a actual disability. Though he wrote a poem about being blind it was based on religion not him actually being blind.

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John Milton was completely blind by 1652. He suffered bilateral retinal detachment or glaucoma. 

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Q: John Milton disability
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When and how John Milton acquired thi disability?

John Milton was blind and ate Priyanka doshi's head :)

What was John Milton's disability?

John Milton was blind, likely due to a combination of factors including glaucoma and possibly cataracts. He lost his eyesight gradually over time before completely losing it in the 1650s. Despite his disability, Milton continued to write and publish many of his most famous works.

What is the disability of John Milton?

John Milton was blind. He lost his sight in his forties but continued to write poetry, including his most famous work "Paradise Lost," with the help of scribes.

The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates was written by?

John Milton.

What is the birth name of John Milton Branton?

John Milton Branton's birth name is Milton Olen Branton.

When was John Milton Gregory born?

John Milton Gregory was born in 1822.

When did John Milton - composer - die?

John Milton - composer - died in 1647.

When was John Milton Mackie born?

John Milton Mackie was born in 1813.

What is John Milton's birthday?

John Milton was born on December 9, 1608.

When was John Milton Roberts born?

John Milton Roberts was born in 1916.

When was John Milton - composer - born?

John Milton - composer - was born in 1562.

When was John Milton Glover born?

John Milton Glover was born in 1852.