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No English King was executed after the English Civil War. The execution of King Charles I occurred during the Civil War.

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Q: King executed after english civil war?
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Who was overthrow during the English Civil War and executed?

King Charles 1

Who was king of England and executed after the civil war?


Was the English Civil War a battle or a Civil War?

It was very much a civil war in which the troops of Oliver Cromwell fought several battles against the troops of King Charles I. After the war was over and the revolutionaries had won, the king was executed and a republic declared.

Who was executed after the Royalist loss in the English Civil War?

Charles I

How old was king Charles the 1st during the English civil war?

Same age as the century. Aged 48 when he was executed at the beginning of 1649.

Who was the only king to be beheaded?

Chales I lost the English Civil War to Oliver Cromwell and was executed. the King's death, by the reformed calendar, was on 30 January 1649.

Why did Charles get executed?

king Charles 1st was axecuted because his actions caused the English Civil War. these actions included the temporary termination of Parliament.

What was the name of the English king who lost his head during the English civil war?

Charles I of England was the English king who lost his head during the English civil war.

Were there trails in court during the 1600s in England?

Yes, there were. Possibly the most significant one was that of King Charles I, after the English Civil War. He was the first king to be tried and executed by his own people.

Who was king at the time of the English Civil War?

King Charles I

Why did King Charles the first get killed?

King Charles the First of England was killed under the order of Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell at the end of the English Civil War. The English civil war was between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. He was executed for high treason and acts of violence against the country.also see for more info on The English Civil WarKing Charles the Martyr, [Charles I. Was executed because he refused to sign the Bill for the abolition of the Church in England! 30.1.1649.Clarendon's , History of the Rebellion.

Who was the English Civil War against?

A civil war is a war between factions in the samecountry.The English Civil war was a war between the royalists(supporters of the king) and parliamentarians(supporters of the parliament).