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On the railroads

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Q: Large numbers of Chinese immigrants found work?
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Why did the Chinese communist regime try to destroy the traditional family system?

The Chinese Nationalist lost to communist forces in 1949 because when war broke out in 1937 the newly created Communist Party found their opportune moment to win the favour of the demoralized and dissatisfied Chinese population.

Where did most polish immigrants settle in the US when they first arrived?

From what I found on the internet (so I'm not sure exactly how true this is, though I think it's pretty close) it said that many Polish immigrants settled in Chicago, Illinois, along Lake Eerie, and in Ohio. There was also a community of Polish people in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. Well that's all I have found so far, if I find more I'll post it. I !

Did immigrants settle in North America in the 1600's and 1700's?

Yes they went from Europe to North America in the 1600s and the 1700s I found this question in my Literature Book and pretty much no one helped me.

Who were the forty-niners?

The forty-niners were people who went to California seeking gold found in 1849 on Johann Sutter's farm.

What is hakka?

The Hakka (Mandarin: Kèjiā) are a subgroup of the Han Chinese people who live predominantly in the provinces of Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Fujian in China. Their ancestors were often said to have arrived from Northern China or Central China centuries ago. It is still a contested issue where the Hakka originated. It is said that in a series of migrations, the Hakkas moved, settled in their present locations in southern China, and then migrated overseas to various nations throughout the world. The Hakka have had a significant influence on the course of Chinese and overseas Chinese history: in particular, they have been a source of revolutionary, political and military leaders. Hakkas are most commonly found in the southern Chinese provinces, but may also be found in the northern provinces; for example there are television news programs read in Hakka in Xi'an (Shaanxi). The presence of Hakkas is pan-China.

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Where do large numbers of Italian immigrants live today?

large numbers live all around the world ,basically found in large cities

Why did Chinese immigrants choose America?

Many Chinese immigrants came for the gold, or were enticed by the "Land of Opportunity". Most were looking for a new, more comfortable life. Very few found it.

Why is Chinatown in America but not in china?

Chinatown can be found in any nation that has a large amount of Chinese immigrants that have settled in one part of town, and formed their own distinct community which is referred to as Chinatown. There are also Little Italy's for Italians immigrants, and Little Germany's for German immigrants. There can be communities in every nation that is made up of immigrants from one place on the Earth, and has a distinct unique features reflecting the immigrants that settled in that particular local. There is no Chinatown in China, because Most of the people who live in China are Chinese, and the entire nation is, except for those places that have an distinct immigrates communities, one big Chinatown.

What is the name of A large salamander found in water?

The biggest amphibian is the Chinese giant salamander. So there is an example of a large salamander. And it is found it water.

Where did US west coast immigrants go and who were they?

In the 19th Century, many Chinese immigrants made California their home. The current huge Chinatown in San Francisco displays that. With that said, many Chinese found work building the railroads. Sadly they were treated like dirt.

Where are tenements located?

Tenements were usually found in large industrialized cities, providing living quarters for large influxes of immigrants and factory workers

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Where can one purchase Chinese dresses?

Chinese style dresses can often be found in vintage clothing stores or large Chinese supermarkets. If your city has a Chinese quarter then you are sure to find some there.

What green structures are found in large numbers in the palisade cells?


What continent can zebras be found in large numbers?

Africa can have a lot of zebras

What was a challenge faced by Chinese immigrants who arrived at Angel Island?

Answers are the same as gradpoint. Immigration official assumed that Chinese travelers would misrepresent themselves to get into America.

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